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Hum (417 m)

Hum is the heighest peak of Lastovo island and it is located 417  meters above sea level. Years ago, Yugoslav People’s... details

Sozanj (231 m)

Sozanj stands at the north side of the island, and from the distance it is seen as a very pointed rocky peak. Fire observation facility... details

Old trail

Starting point of this route is from the junction, on the main asphalt road Ubli-Lastovo, where the main road is connected to the forest... details

Lastovo - Zace

Starting point for this route is in Lastovo, at the end of the street of St. Cosmas and Damian, and close to the church of St. Anthony. You... details

Lastovo - Skrivena Luka

Starting point of this route is near the church of St. Anthony in Lastovo. Follow the asphalt road that goes from the church towards... details

Skrivena Luka - Lastovo

From Portorus, there are two directions leading you towards Lastovo. The longer route takes approx. 3 hours (that includes visiting... details

Pasadur - Kručica - Ubli

To start this route you go from Pasadur towards Prehodišće (from hotel Solitudo you go north, it takes approx. 15 minutes).... details

Church of St. Elijah

Church of St. Elijah is located near Lastovo, just above Lokavje. It was built in the 16th century. From Lastovo, you come to the... details


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