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Pasadur - Kručica - Ubli

To start this route you go from Pasadur towards Prehodišće (from hotel Solitudo you go north, it takes approx. 15 minutes). Just before you reach Prehodišće, you’ll se a small sign on the right, directing you to Kručica.

Follow well marked, narrow forest trail. On the way to Kručica you’ll pass through carob trees.  After approx. 20 minutes you’ll see a sign directing you downwards, towards Kručica.

From Kručica you can return on the main trail the same way, but there is another marking on the beach in Kručica that will take you back to the main trail as well.

When you reach the main trail again, follow the markings until you reach the main asphalt road leading from Lastovo to Ubli. Turn right towards Ubli.

Duration of this route is approx. 1 hour (from Pasadur until you reach asphalt road Ubli - Lastovo).


starting point, just before Prehodišće carob trees carob tree bay Kručica bay Kručica bay Kručica bay Kručica


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