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Lastovo - Skrivena Luka

Starting point of this route is near the church of St. Anthony in Lastovo. Follow the asphalt road that goes from the church towards the south.

When you reach intersection, turn right and after a few minutes you’ll see a sign directing you towards Kosovo. Turn there and follow wide, well marked trail until you see a sign for cave Rača (just after you pass a sign for Kovač dolac).

Follow wide, well marked forest trail and after 10-15 minutes you’ll reach an asphalt road. Turn left and follow this road. When you reach the end of the asphalt road, you’ll see a big sign directing you to cave Rača.

You’ll pass the church of St. Mark on the right. Follow wide, well marked trail and after approx. an hour and a half you’ll reach a point where the road splits into two directions:  one leading towards cave Rača (on the left) and the other leading towards Portorus.  

If you want to visit cave Rača you turn left and follow the markings. It will take you approx. 15-20 minutes to reach it.

After visiting the cave, you continue your way towards Portorus. Follow this wide, well marked trail. When you see a sign directing you to Portorus, turn left.

Follow the forest trail, then go across the fields. There is a small ascent after which you’ll have a great view towards Portorus.

Duration of this tour is approx. 3 hours.


church of St. Mark road splits into two directions: left towards špilja Rača and straight towards Portorus marking for cave Rača is on the ground Cave Rača Cave Rača Cave Rača view towards Portorus (Skrivena Luka)


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