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Sozanj (231 m)

Sozanj stands at the north side of the island, and from the distance it is seen as a very pointed rocky peak. Fire observation facility is located here.

Although it is not very high in altitude, it is the most attractive peak of Lastovo island  because of the beautiful view it offers. During clear days, you can see islands of Vis, Korčula, Palagruža and Mljet.

Approach: Farm Sozanj – peak Sozanj 20’

This route is marked and the ascent is not very challenging, but very simple and easy.
The only starting point for reaching the top is farm Sozanj which is located on the left side of the main asphalt road that goes from Ubli to Lastovo, just near the power station.

The ascent starts left from the power station. There is a wooden door through which you enter an enclosed space just behind the farm. After 20 steps, you will reach a trail that goes first through the woods and then comes out on the open terrain leading you right to the top (approx. 20 minutes).

There used to be another route for reaching Sozanj, from place Zaklopatica, but this trail is no longer maintained, the vegetation is overgrown and markings are faded.


Sozanj - farmhouse Sozanj on the main road Ubli - Lastovo Sozanj - starting point of the ascent towards Sozanj Sozanj Sozanj Sozanj Sozanj - view towards Zaklopatica Sozanj Sozanj Sozanj Sozanj - view towards Zaklopatica


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