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St. Cosmas and Damian church

Lastovo The church of St. Cosmas and Damian is dedicated to the island's heavenly patrons, the physician brothers and saints Cosmas and Damian.... details

Basilica of St. Peter

Ubli Basilica of St. Peter is the oldest and partly preserved sacral building of Lastovo island. It is the 5th century, single-nave, early-Christian... details

Church of St. Lucas

Church of St. Lucas is pre-Romanesque church built in 11th century and it is the oldest church on island (the third oldest in Croatia). For... details

Church of St. George

Church of St. George is located on the island’s heighest point Hum. It is six centuries old. Long time ago, this was the place... details

Lighthouse Struge

Skrivena Luka Lighthouse Struge  is situated on a plateau in the Portorus bay (Skrivena Luka). This is the oldest Austro-Hungarian lighthouse... details

Rector's Palace

Lastovo Rector's Palace (Palac) was built under Kastel on the hill Glavica. People from Lastovo agreed to come under the authority of the... details

Kastel (castle)

Lastovo Kastel (castle)  was built on the hill called Glavica, just above Lastovo, by the government of Dubrovnik. It was destroyed after... details

Cave Rača

Cave Rača is located on the south-eastern side of the island of Lastovo. This cave is an archeological site and it is a protected... details


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