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St. Cosmas and Damian church

The church of St. Cosmas and Damian is dedicated to the island's heavenly patrons, the physician brothers and saints Cosmas and Damian. It was built in 1474.

Initially, it was singlenaved with Gothic pointed vault. The central nave was built by Master Radosan, the lateral naves and the three part facade have been added about a century later.

On the Lastovo cathedral's main altar stands the altarpiece of St. Cosmas and Damian made by Giovanni Lafranco in 1633. In the church there are also paintings of St. Peter and Paul by Josip and Jerolim Scrivelli.

At the triumphal arch is a large 18th century canvas showing the Last Judgement. The side altars with ciboriums are from the 16 th century; one of them presenting the 15th century double procession painting of Our Lady.



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