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Skrivena Luka

Skrivena Luka (Portorus) is located on the south of the island. It is about 7 km south from the town Lastovo and 17 km south-east from the ferry port Ubli.

This is one of the largest and one of the most beautiful bays on the island of Lastovo. Because of its shape it is protected from the wind and the waves which makes it an ideal place for yachstman. Here,  there is a pontoon mooring harbour with about 18 mooring places. It is an ideal place for having a nice, peaceful vacation full of sunshine and tranquillity.

In the vicinity of the bay, stands the oldest austo-hungarian lighthouse on Adriatic which is located on the high steep cliff, about 90 meters above sea level.  It was built in 1839. on cape called Struge. This place offers a splendid view towards open sea.

Beautiful views and easy access to the sea through the pine woods on the northern side of the lighthouse makes this tourist destination very attractive.


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