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Town of Lastovo is the largest settlement located on the top of the hill, on the northern part of the Lastovo island. It  is spread over the steep banks of a natural amphitheatre, overlooking a fertile field, facing away from the sea which testifies about its turbulent past.

The whole town is a protected cultural monument because of its unique renaissance architecture. The town's buildings date mainly from the 15th and 16th centuries when the construction of about 20 renaissance houses redefined the village's appearance. Most of them have high broad terraces which have become the trade mark  look of Lastovo houses.

Their unusual cylindrical chimneys that the locals call fumari are picturesque and unusual since they look like miniature minarets. Nobody really knows why the locals started this tradition, but the fact remains that you can hardly find two identical chimneys in Lastovo. This several centuries old custom lasts to this day.

In the centre of the town there is a church of St. Cosmas and Damian which is dedicated to the island's heavenly patrons, the physician brothers and saints Cosmas and Damian. It was built in 1474. This is the main church on the island.

On the cathedral's main altar stands the altarpiece of St. Cosmas and Damian made by Giovanni Lafranco in 1633. In the church there are also paintings of St. Peter and Paul by Josip and Jerolim Scrivelli.  At the triumphal arch is a large 18th century canvas showing the Last Judgement. The side altars with ciboriums are from the 16 th century; one of them presenting the 15th century double procession painting of Our Lady.

About 20 minutes walk from Lastovo is a small bay called Uvala Lučica, and only one kilometer from Lastovo is a  beach called St. Mihajlo.


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