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Landscape and coastline

Lastovo has a dynamic landscape consisting of 46 hills and 46 karstic fields that often contain layers of red soil and quartz sand.

The highest point is Hum at 417 m (1,368 ft)[8] and there are another three hills higher than 400 m (1300 ft): Pleševo Brdo, Gumanca and Mali Hum.

There are five caves on the island — Rača (the largest), Puzavica, Pozalica, Grapčeva and Medvidina.

The coastline is mainly steep and the surrounding sea is deep. On the southern coast is a large, deep bay at Skrivena Luka which offers protection from the bura and westerly winds. The other main deep port is located on the western side at Ubli which is where the main ferry port for the island is located.



Weather on Lastovo

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