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The island of Lastovo belongs to the central Dalmatian archipelago. Thirteen kilometers south of Korčula, the island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the Adriatic Sea.

The Lastovo archipelago contains a total of 46 islands, including the larger islands Sušac, Prežba, Mrčara and an island group called Lastovnjaci on the eastern side. Prežba is connected to the main island by a bridge at the village of Pasadur. The island has a daily hydrofoil service and ferry service linking it to the mainland at Split and stopping along the way at Korčula and Hvar.

Besides town of Lastovo, other settlements on the island include the villages of Ubli (also known as Sveti Petar), Lučica, Zaklopatica, Skrivena Luka, and Pasadur.

When the Romans conquered Dalmatia they gave the island the Latin name Augusta Insula meaning "emperors island" because of its natural beauty, green forests, hidden bays, green fields and a number of small islands that surround this island.

One of the peculiar things about this island is number 46. Lastovo is surrounded by 46 small islands, it has 46 churches, 46 hills and 46 valleys planted with olives, fruits and vineyards.

Lastovo, along with Mljet, are among the Adriatic islands richest in forests with a high percentage of coverage, mostly pine and Mediterranean underbrush.

Because of its  beautiful bays, great beaches, unspoilt nature and crystal clear sea Lastovo is ideal destination for people who like to spend their vacation in peaceful surroundings.

But if you want an active vacation, this island offers you a choice of wide range activities such as walking, cycling, diving, hiking, swimming etc.

If you enjoy food, this island offers a wide variety of the gastronomic specialties: fish, scampi, squids, shrimps and other seafood caught around Lastovo


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