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Lastovo - music island

Lastovo - music island is the only croatian summer festival that takes place amidst the nature park on Lastovo.

In a short period of time, this festival, which started a few years ago as a small jazz festival, has grown into a much larger event with a wide range of different styles. Up untill now, more than 300 performers from more than 15 countries have performed there.

Today, this festival is an event that young people from all over central Dalmatia and great number of foreigners eagerly look forward to as the musical event of the season.

This also gives you a good reason to visit this beautiful island. During the day you can enjoy the unspoilt nature and crystal clear sea, while during the night you can enjoy the sounds of jazz, rock, ethno, funk, reggae, hip-hop music.

This festival is  a good place for relaxation and a good place for having fun.  



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