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The most important event on the island is an authentic carnival that the locals call the Poklad.

The origins of the Lastovo carnival go back to a historical event. Legend has it that Catalan pirates attacked neighbouring KorĨula and sent a Turkish messenger to Lastovo to tell the islanders to surrender.

The inhabitants of Lastovo did not let themselves be intimidated — instead they armed themselves and decided to defend their island. The women and children prayed to St. George for help and their prayers were answered: a storm destroyed the ships of the enemy and the inhabitants of Lastovo caught the messenger. In order to mock him, he was taken through the village on the back of a donkey and was afterwards sentenced and burned to death.

This event is celebrated through the Poklad every year over a period of three days. All the island residents participate by wearing folk costumes. The event takes place in the middle of February and since the summer 2006 it has become main attraction for tourists.

Locals enjoy this event very much and Lastovci from all around Croatia return to Lastovo to attend the carnival.



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