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Because of its mild climate Lastovo is ideal for all sorts of activities throughout the year, especially hiking. Numerous asphalt... details


Whether you are an experienced diver or you are just trying it for the first time, diving in Lastovo will be a great experience for... details


Bicycling, similar to hiking, is a type of activity ideal for people who enjoy nature. Numerous asphalt roads with light traffic,... details


The archipelago of Lastovo is an ideal cruising ground offering many safe berths and anchorages. Placed away from the shore, in the... details

Trip to Sušac

Sušac is a small island surrounded by endless open sea that makes you feel completely secluded from the rest of the world. It... details

Trip to Palagruža

Palagruža is a small, remote island in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. It consists of one main island, called Vela Palagruža, and... details

Trip to Mljet

Mljet is the most south-easterly of the larger Adriatic islands in Croatia. It has been a national park since November 12, 1960. Over... details

Trip to Saplun

At Lastovo Archipelago, the most popular is the island of Saplun. It is a small uninhabited island which is well known for it's sandy... details


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