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Trip to Sušac

Sušac is a small island surrounded by endless open sea that makes you feel completely secluded from the rest of the world. It is located 23 kilometres west from the island of Lastovo.

On the northwest side of this island there are high and steep cliffs, and on the southeast side there are several sandy coves ideal for swimming. The heighest peak is Veli Gark (243 m).

Sušac lighthouse was built in 1878 on the highest point of the extremely steep southern side of the island, where there are numerous cliffs jetting out of the deep crystal clear sea. The lighthouse  lies at a height of 100 m and offers magnificent view of the open sea.

This island is not populated. Only a lighthouse crew lives here, and sometimes you can meet fishermen, beekeepers and tourists.

Some archeological remains were found on this island, and after further exploration, hopefully we’ll know more facts about its history.

The island is a nature reserve with numerous endemic species of flora and fauna.



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