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The archipelago of Lastovo is an ideal cruising ground offering many safe berths and anchorages. Placed away from the shore, in the open sea and having numerous beautiful bays, Lastovo is very attractive to yachtsmen.

The most experienced sailors coming into the waters of Lastovo should not miss out chance of visiting the island’s lighthouses, like lighthouse Glavat, located on a tiny isle, east of the main island of Lastovo, or lighthouse Sušac, situated on another small island bearing the same name. These lighthouses are transformed into tourist facilities with peaceful and romantic charm.

You can also visit numerous small islands surrounding Lastovo. Many of the islands are not populated and are considered an oasis of unspoiled nature and tranquility.

The island itself is an amazing place with a lot to explore. Its southern wide and deep bay, along with Skrivena Luka, provides an excellent shelter, safe from north and west winds.

Numbers of safe and picturesque coves can be found on the west coast of Lastovo and the east coast of the islet of Prežba, such as Jurjeva Luka providing safe anchorages from all winds.

One can find some fine examples of sandy beaches in numerous sheltered coves of the surrounding islets; Kopište and Saplun being the most attractive. Zaklopatica bay, almost totally enclosed by a small islet of the same name, offers safe anchorages for yachts.

If you are coming here, you should also visit island group called Lastovnjaci on the eastern side of the island, and small islands Mrčara and Sušac.

In Ubli there is a gas station for yachtsman which is opened during summer season.



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