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Whether you are an experienced diver or you are just trying it for the first time, diving in Lastovo will be a great experience for you.

You can dive in the crystal blue water of Lastovo archipelago and discover the enchanting, rich submarine world and the finest underwater beauty nature has to offer. If you enjoy exploring the depths than seeing corals, algae, fish and shell fish, old boat wrecks, amphoras will give you a great pleasure. Numerous bays, cliffs and an island group called Lastovnjaci on the eastern side are a real submarine “heaven” for divers.

Diving is allowed only if you are accompanied by a diving guide from an authorized diving centre. There are two of them on this island: "Ancora" in Zaklopatica and "Diving paradise" in Pasadur. Here, you can learn how to dive or you can rent diving equipment.

Diving will, without a doubt, bring you many fantastic memories and one of the very best experiences of your holiday.



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